Hot Dog!

It looks like a heatwave is going to hit BC next week so I thought I'd share some fun tips for keeping your hound happy (and cool as a cucumber) when the mercury rises!


Your pup will slobber gratitude all over you for giving them one of these cold treats on a hot day!

  • Stock Bones : A frozen summer favourite of every dog I've ever met raw stock or marrow bones are a good source of nutrients that include collagen, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint health as well as minerals and electrolytes. Make sure to buy raw (fresh or frozen) bones as the roasted ones may splinter.  In our neighbourhood Rio Friendly Meats is a great place to get them as they have a good selection of sizes that will satisfy small to extra large pups and the friendliest most helpful staff you can imagine!
  • Pupsicles: Fill an ice-cube tray with sodium free chicken or beef stock to make frozen pupsicles that will keep your dog hydrated and happy.
  • Sock Doughnut: Great for puppies that want to chew, chew, chew on everything this cold treat is soothing on their gums and saves your furniture (and arms)! Take an unbleached cotton sock, soak it with water and then tie it in a pretzel shaped knot before popping it in the freezer to chill.


Best part of summer? Spending time outside!

  • Take a dip: Visit one of the 8 off-leash dog beaches in Vancouver to let your dog cool down and meet new friends! Our favourite is New Brighton Park a short walk away from us but these other parks are great spots for pups to play in the water as well: Trout Lake Park, CRAB Park at Portside, Sunset Beach Park, Hadden Park, Spanish Banks Park, Charleson Park and Fraser River Park. Make a plan to try out all 8 and see which ones you and your dog love the best!
  • Take a shady stroll: We're very fortunate to live in Hastings Sunrise as so many of our streets are lined with beautiful tall old trees that provide for a cool(er) walking experience. We try to walk in the early morning or later afternoon when the temperatures are a bit lower but if you're ever worried it might be too hot for your dog double check by standing with your bare feet on the sidewalk for 5 minutes. If it feels too hot for you it will be too hot for them! Another great option is to hit the trails for some outdoor adventure and exercise. Vancouver Trails has a really extensive list of dog friendly hiking trails to check out.
  • Camp Out: Camping with your dog can be an amazing summer holiday! Dogs love nothing more than being with their people all day so spending quality time together while enjoying beautiful BC (or beyond) is a dream come true for them. To make it a safe and comfortable experience for everyone be sure to bring their food in a sealed container that is rodent proof and lock it up if you are in an area frequented by bears. Check park regulations for dogs before you go or set up camp at one of these Dog Friendly BC Parks.

Enjoy the summer sun everyone! :)