Battle of the Brush

If Sage could talk she'd tell you there are not many things better in the world than a good brushing! As long as we're ONLY talking about her lovely shiny coat and NOT her teeth. If I try to get anywhere near her mouth with anything other than a cookie she does some serious balking. She's also has a tendency to wolf down treats so Dental Sticks and Bones are not the best choice for her.  After having two of her (less than) pearly whites removed last year I decided to try out as many different options as I could to prevent future dental surgeries. Here is the (very) short list of winners:

Chicken Flavoured Toothpaste

The brand I've been using is Breathalyser by Imrex. The thought of meat flavouring in my toothpaste made me gag but Sagey seemed pretty keen on the idea and would actually tolerate a little bit of my rubbing it around her mouth with a finger. Only a finger, definitely not any kind of brush of any different size or shape (there were many!). I can't say that it does much for her breath but here's hoping the little bit that gets smeared around her teeth and gums will help!

The Brite Bite Brushing Stick

I saw this little beauty on I Heart Dogs and had to try it out! It's a paw held brushing stick that your dog is supposed to be able to use on their own to chomp and chew their way to dental health happiness! Brilliant! Sagey hasn't quite figured out the part about holding it with her own paws but she seems happy enough to chew it when I smear it with the above mentioned Chicken Toothpaste or a little coconut oil and hold it for her. It's made of natural rubber, is easy to clean and seems to be standing up to wear quite well. So far, so good!

Well that brings us to the end of the successful brushing aids. If anyone has any suggestions to add to this illustrious list Sage and I would love to hear them!